Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people utilize The Armand Center for visitation and/or monitored exchange?  

  • Parents having a history of hostile or violent arguments during the pickup or return of the children.
  • The visiting parent has a substance abuse and/or mental health problem that gives the Court or custodial parent concern for the child's welfare.     
  • The visiting parent's living situation is unsuitable for meeting the needs of his/her children.   
  • Either parent has repeatedly failed to cooperate with visitation or exchange arrangements. 
  • The Court suspects the visiting parent may flee the state with the child.
  • There is a Protective, Harassment, or Peace Order in place.
  • There is a history of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.
  • The visiting parent has not seen the child in a significant amount  of time.

What are the benefits of utilizing The Armand Center for supervised visitation and/or monitored exchange?

For the Children:
It allows the children to maintain a relationship with both parents, something that is generally found to be an important factor in the positive adjustment to family dissolution. It allows children to anticipate the visits without stress of worrying about what is going to happen and to enjoy the time spent in a safe, comfortable environment without having to be put in the middle of their parents' conflict and/or other problems.

For the Custodial Parents:
You do not have to communicate or have contact with a person with whom you are in conflict or by whom you might be frightened or intimidated. The arrangements will be made by a neutral party (the visit supervisor), and there does not have to be contact before, during, or after the visits. You can relax and feel comfortable allowing your child to have contact with the other parent—and can get some valuable time to yourself.

For the Non-Custodial Parents:
You can be sure that your contact with your child does not have to be interrupted regardless of any personal or interpersonal problems you may be having. If allegations have been made against you, which is often the case when supervision is ordered, you can visit without fear of any new accusations because there is someone present who can verify what happened during your time together. When using The Armand Center, you can also be assured that the supervisors are professional, trained, neutral and objective.

Supervision in the Case of Parental Separation:
When parents separate, the child most often will have primary residence with one parent and regularly spend time with the other. Visitation, contact, and access are words used to refer to post separation contact with the non-residential parent or another significant person, such as a grandparent, sibling, or other relative. When the courts feel it is appropriate, they may order that such visitation take place in the presence of a third party.

Why use a professional service, particularly when there is a fee involved?
It is often difficult to find a family member or friend on which both parents agree to supervise a visit. If parents are having sufficient conflict that supervision has become necessary, chances are slim that they will be able to find an individual they both will trust. It also is a strain on family members and friends to be in this particular situation. They quickly tire of being in the middle of conflict and usually cannot remain a neutral party.  The feeling of trust and safety is then compromised. In addition, most individuals are not trained in providing supervised visitation.  For these reasons, friend or relative supervision often does not work well for the child or parents.

A professional provider, such as The Armand Center provides trained professional Monitors to provide services.

The constancy of the parent-child relationship is central to a child’s sense of security, feelings of self-worth, and development. Yet, many children today are deeply and adversely affected by lack of quality contact with a parent due to situations out of their control, including divorce, separation or family violence and abuse.

The Supervised Visitation and Exchange Programs at The Armand Center are designed to ensure that children can have safe and conflict-free access to parents delivered by trained providers. The Armand Center provides a safe, family friendly, neutral location for drop off, pick up and visitation of children.