Parent Workshops

About Our Workshops

Cooperative Co-parenting

  •  Learn to Parent through Divorce/Separation. This research-based workshop not only teaches how to improve co-parenting relationships, it also provides parents with essential knowledge and skills to help protect and guide children during separation and divorce. 

Responsible Fatherhood

  • The Center offers a 12-week, evidence-based fatherhood program used by thousands of organizations across the nation to improve the knowledge, behavior, and skills of fathers.  

Special Challenges Parenting

  • If you have a Protective Order (PO), this workshop is for you!  There is a separate workshop for Parents that have obtained a PO and for Parents that have a PO against them.  Learn how to establish a safety plan, communicate safely - but effectively, co-parent without violating the PO.  You will learn how to ensure children stay out of the middle of parental conflict & more.

Nurturing Parent

  • This is a 10-week workshop that provides essential parenting skills for raising infants to teens.  Nurturing Parent benefits new parents and those that wish to enhance their parenting skills.